Introduction - Welcome - Moderation
Johanna Michel - Hermann Schmidt  


Konnakol:   lntroducing the Rhythm Language

Balu Radjendrakurups


Ist hat Me?

Dennenesch Zoude  Catherine de Léan  Nadja Bobyleva  


ME-brain and environment- a neurophilosophical apptroach

Georg Northoff
University of Ottawa-Canada

Why and how does our brain construct the self and consciousness?


Alexis Milligan    Splinters of Glass
ME - body and aesthetics - aesthetic experience –
Martina Ardizzi - Vittorio Gallese
 University of Parma-ltaly

Mirror neurons - intersubjectivity - empathy, research into pain
experiences, perception of images, film, virtual expanses and reality  


16:45- 17:15


17:15- 18:30
Who are we? Who am I? Who are you?
Dennenesch Zoudé  Alexis Milligan  Catherine de Léan  Nadja Bobyleva  Laura Maria Heid


ME-spirit and philosophy
The meaning of the philosophical term NOUS (for soul / mind, knowledge) - the
Embedding of the ME into a WE, protecting it against pain and suffering  

Rebekka Reinhard





B.A.S.S. Project by Leo Philipp Schmidt
Multimedia staging with artists from 15 nations
Certainty and beauty of the moment, the duality of art-culture and science can be experienced in the multimedia-staged space. Music, films and texts create a framework and Starting point for the dialogue of emotions, cognition and perception.wird im multimedial
"Like the light, life needs a body - the art on which it can settle"
Michelangelo Pistoletto
Musik & Artwork   Leo Philipp Schmidt